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Mahal soft encompasses all activities in a mahal, from the registration of families and individuals to updates like changes in addresses and blood donation period. It can help in the scheduling of meetings within the community. A state-of-the-art accounts section is built into the software. Key details such birth dates, wedding lists etc. are listed and can be accessed. The system is initially in the self-service mode but three seas is hopeful of lowering the costs of the technology so as to make all future updates free of cost.

The initial stage of the project involves bringing out an offline software helping update of accounting and data statistics. An SMS package is built in it so that the significant updates are texted to individuals and families in a mahal. Any new events that are needed to reach the members of the community can be easily dispatched by means of SMS service. The expose will reach to all registered numbers during any time of the day.

The second stage of the project includes online software and mobile applications. MAHAL SOFT will be available in both play store & app store and can be downloaded by the user on the go. The introduction of this software helps to develop a community centre like atmosphere, thereby increasing the interaction among its members. The awareness of more opportunities instils an unquestionable progress within the masses. A sense of unity and togetherness can be easily established among the community.


  • Complete details of all registered Mahals.
  • Data regarding every member in the registered Mahal.
  • Basic details such as: Blood group, education qualification, Marital Status can be obtained.
  • Notifications for the eligible in matters of Educational & Health loans will be presented.
  • Complete facts of a members job structure can be known.
  • Unemployed, Government ,Public, Private Sector; such details can be easily obtained.
  • Notifications of the upcoming government exams and tests will be available to the registered members.
  • Birth and Death count in a Mahal within a period of time can be easily accessed.
  • The number of members having their own property, rental; such details can be availed
  • The exact data of members suffering from any sort of illness can be identified.
  • Notifications regarding any health discounts will be made available to the eligible.
  • List of BPL& APL card members within the Mahal.
  • Data regarding the members of each family that are at present in foreign soil.
  • Notifications of any new policies from the government regarding job opportunities in foreign soil will be made available to those who have registered.
  • Special plans or schemes introduced by the government for the female population will be directed to the female community via SMS.

Functionality Overview

  • Registers
  • Committee
  • Subscription
  • Accounts Modules
  • Documents
  • Booking
  • Settings and Utilities
  • Mahal Statistics
  • Desk - Information / Searching
  • Graphical Reports
  • MIS Reports