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    Educational Benefits
    Mahal Soft ensures that those interested to study further
    can avail for the necessary scholarships and schemes that
    allow them to do so.
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    Employment Opportunities
    Mahal Soft cherry picks the beneficiaries for those
    qualified for several government and private job oppurtunities.
Need for Mahal Soft

Our Current Scenario

Gone is the time when the community of believers is guided to Right Course of fulfilment in and around a masjid. Now we go to masjid; pray and leave for that hectic pace of life around. We no longer have the guidance of larger than life figures like the Prophets, Caliphs and the pious generations that followed them. Now we have institutions that give mooring and ethical support. If set aright and maintained in tune with time, institutions can fill the vacuum, always. Mahal is one of such institutions we have. But Mahals go at a snail's pace, when the time changes too fast. MahalSoft is the initiative to herd the multifarious ways. Mahals run into the green pastures of modern technology.

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Our Core Objectives

Enlisting Everyone

Enlist with details all the registered Mahals and their members.

Data Assemblage

Gather and digitally archive data of every member in all registered Mahals

Data Sorting

Sort the archived date as per: Age, sex, blood group, education, other qualifications, Marital Status etc


Send Notifications to eligible in matters as regards educational loans, medical aids, scholarship, upcoming governmentexams and tests etc


The rightful beneficiaries can avail the necessities effectively.


MahalSoft carves open the possibility for direct communication between the government schemes and the members of the community

Kerala State Waqf Board

Kerala State Waqf Board is a statutory body constituted by the Government of Kerala.

Developed by
Three Seas Infologics

A Young dynamic I.T firm that specialize in data management.

Job Description

An accurate description of the profession of each individual in the respected mahal can be realised.

Blood Group

The blood group of each and every individual is fed into the Database for future reference.


Mahal Soft also brings to light the the population index of the community.


Notifications will be presented to the individual members who are eligible for scholarships and also regarding the government exam details.

All about MahalSoft

The necessities and functionalities of Mahal Soft are too long to list out. Mahal Soft in its entirety is encapsulated and described in video format by renowned academician and scholar, Professor Ashraf Kadakkal who has been instrumental in the workings of Mahal Soft up to date.

Check out the 10 minute video alongside to get a detailed and clear picture of the project and to visualize the benefits that the successful implementation of the project aims to bring to the community as a whole


List of all the details that would be securely updated in the server.

Member Registration Relationship Family Registration Mahal Details Marital & Health Qualification & Job

Data Gathering

Mahal Soft merges the existing data such as members' profiles, family charts, and occasions like birth and death, prunes them accordingly and transmits them back to the software. As newer schemes, policies and benefits are issued by governments, the software makes the picking and duly notify the members through messages and App notifications.

Data Access

The information fed onto the software can be accessed via all devices that have built-in internet connectivity such as personal computers, laptops, tablet pcs, and smartphones. The updates of the existing information fed onto the software are timely done in the software itself.

Benefiting the Deserving

The research and development team will regularly monitor the data on the software and update them duly. That would lead to the cherry-picking of beneficiaries for many schemes, policies, financial assistance, scholarships, health insurance etc. that the government introduces for the welfare of the community.


Dates of all government held exams, from civil service to clerical jobs will be notified to the members prior to the deadline of application and to the actual exam dates. The members will be notified about the coaching centres which offer training especially gratis and with scholarships.

Women Empowerment

Governments are issuing timely schemes, scholarship and policies addressing women, especially those in the weaker sections, for educational, institutional as well as vocational empowerment of women. The software would cherry-pick the beneficiaries for these schemes and bring benefits to them


Mahal soft would notify the members about free medical check-ups, treatments and therapies via SMS, email and APP notifications. It would provide list of cheaper, if more facilitated hospitals and medical institutions. It would keep the members posted on the government schemes addressing the deserving patients who are suffering intensely.