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Relevance of Mahal Soft

It would be an understatement to say that technology simplifies human life. If you check any area of human existence we could only view technology as a boon. It has revolutionized so much that and it also can be used to eliminate any existing gaps and distinctions between humans. Not only does technology make the process of reaching products and services from all over the world reach mankind, right now efforts are being taken to address the urgent need for solution to issues like poverty and backwardness. Mahal Soft is a small initiative in this field. By considering the population alone, India is the second largest country in the world, which is a double edge sword. Considering the possibility, it has an enormous human resources but the issue lies in the imbalance in adequate resources. It lends back the efforts to make use of human resources a positive one. Reflecting the imbalance in the provision of our country is the disproportion of progress that is attained by the members comprising of different religions, caste groups and tribal traditions.

According to a study conducted under Justice Rajinder back in 2005, the Sachar Committee was formed. The main aim of this committee was to address the backwardness of the Muslim community in India. The study revealed that only very few members of the Muslim community has ever represented the population at administrative and jurisdiction levels. Therefore the central government have been working out solutions like scholarships, free training to participate in competitive examinations, medical insurance and self-employment assistance to tackle this backwardness. But there is an absolute ignorance about the solution of these action planes among the public. Therefore, they do not benefit people and here comes the significance of Mahal Soft. The successful incorporation of Mahal Soft would mean that a record of all the individuals in the mahal can be easily obtained and a direct line of communication between the government and the members is feasible thereby all registered members will come to know about the government policies, notifications regarding opportunities, competitive exams, any self-employment assistance, even treatment and assistance reaches the people through Mahal software. Mahal Soft is aimed to ease the efforts of the government to balance the resource supply.


To bring all the mahals in Kerala under one technological roof so that government schemes and action plans can be better implemented and the beneficiaries easily identified.


To see the latest technology being made easily available and utilized to its fullest potentials in mahals and madrassa teachings.


We aim to bring about a technological revolution within the mahal environment to better its members and their working.

Mahal Soft Activity

Percentage completed on the various steps involved in registering a mahal

  • Environmental Creation
  • Targeting Work Force
  • Data Collection & Verification
  • Data & Software Management

Everyone associated with Mahal Soft is educated about the program from the grass root level. They are informed about the necessities, functionalities and benefits of successfully implementing the program.

Each mahal would select members who are well equiped and can best handle situations of the project within their mahals as well as individual member homes. These members are given the task of data collection.

The data is collected directly from the mahals or the respected member homes and uploaded into the software only after thorough verification that involves more than 2 step formalities and procedures.

The data entered into the software is secured with the latest cutting edge technology and the benefactors for various government schemes and scholarships are identified automatically by the software.