Our Service

Enlist with details all registered Mahals in the country

Gather and digitally archive data of every member in all registered Mahals

Sort the archived date as per: Age, sex, blood group, education, other qualifications, Marital Status etc

Send Notifications to eligible in matters as regards educational loans, medical aids, scholarship etc

Sort member members as per the speciation’s of employment

Send notifications to eligible candidates as regards upcoming government exams and tests


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  • Notifications can be sent to beneficiaries about any new policies from the government.
  • Notifications can be sent to beneficiaries regarding special plans or schemes introduced by the government for the female population
  • Eligible members can be notified about any health discounts
  • Mahalfsoft also records the blood group data of its individual members thereby making it easier for conduting blood donation camps.
  • Notifications can be sent to beneficiaries regarding any and all educational scholarships and schemes.
  • Mahalfsoft acts as a direct means of communication between the members and government policies.
  • Number of Birth and Death in a Mahal within a period of time can be easily accessed